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 Dalian BOTO Cast Iron Foundry was set up in 1994 and previous name is Dalian Benefit Machinery Co., Ltd.

    we are the first supplier of making flange adaptor and endring for Viking Johnson before and in 2004 we set up our own foundry which was located in Dalian Jinzhou County. We have machining and coating facility both in our own foundry. We use resin sand and hand molding to produce both grey iron and Ductile iron material. The designed output is 2000 tons per year and 90% for export.

   we have a simple semi-auto resin sand production lines, electric furnace and shot blast rooms and other machining and inspection facility. 


1.Joints: such as universal flange adaptor, coupling, quick adaptor, welding flanges, saddle for PVC/PE pipe, saddle for DI pipe, glands and so on;

2.Valves: mainly house connection valve with thread and push in joint both angle type and TEE type; spindle, surface box, clean out and so on;

3.Stainless steel Repair clamps: patch type (75mm width) and full wrap stainless steel repair clamp (200mm width);  

4.DI fittings: All flange TEE, bend, taper, cross and all socket bend, taper, socket with flange branch;

5.Car spare parts; pully, 

6.Water meter box and cover;

7.Coating facility:

    Coating is our great advantage. We use dip process at the beginning for both Rilsan and Epoxy coating. But spray painting can be available as well.

    We started to do Rilsan coating since 2002 and got Arkema approval in 2006 as their job coater. All Rilsan powder are imported from France and Epoxy powder imported from Germany. 

    Our products have got very good reputation since we entered into the market. All products are produced for export. We have 4 heating furnaces and three auto lines with different sizes of fluid bed tanks and the biggest one is 7 meters long and 2.2 meters in Dia. We have coated for different kind of customers both in China and abroad, such as Victaulic, Itron, Veolia, Promint and so on.

    From 2013, we started to study the possibility of making Halar coating which widly used in Chemical industry. Right now we have finished the study and making samples for EU customers and also domestic customers.

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