Casting class


We can supply ductile iron pipe fittings according to ISO2531/EN545/598 standard and the joint

can be type T, K, N, flange end and lead riser joint with PN 10/16/25 pressure.

Cement linging ISO4179 and zinc and bitumen ISO8179 standard. 

Size from DN80 to DN2400mm.

Epoxy coating also available according to EN 14901 -2006

The following type are available:

Double flange (socket) bend 11 15, 22 30, 45 90;

Double flange (socket) flat (concentric) taper;

Double socket TEE with flange outlet

Double flange (socket) pipe;

Flange and spigot puddle;

All flange (scoket) cross

All flange (scoket) TEE

Double spigot puddle;

Welding flange

Blind flange

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