Casting class

Universal Coupling

Dimension: DN40--1000 

Sleeve: Rolled steel to EN10025 Grade S275/ASTM A283 till DN600, bigger with Ductile iron material

End ring: Ductile iron ASTM A536 65-15-12/ GGG40/ BS2789 450-12

Gasket: EPDM: for potable water, NBR: for natural gas, peiroleum products, oil and compressed air

Fasteners: DIN 603 Grade 8.8 bolt thread protected with rubber cap, DIN934 nut and DIN 125 washer Stainless                    steel fastener can be supplied upon roquest Installation 

Coating: Rilsan Nylon 11 or FBE coating with 250 micrometers up 

Dimensions can be changed withou notice.


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