Arkema symposium on"solutions to replace stainless steel"

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On July 18, 2018, our company and French arkema company jointly held a seminar on "anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coating application sharing - solution to replace stainless steel" at the shangri-la hotel in Dalian. The participants are mainly involved in pipeline corrosion prevention and environmental protection energy field, such as Victualic Dalian, Prominent. During the meeting, Mr. Wei guofeng, chief operating officer of arkema Asia Pacific, introduced the information of arkema company and its future development direction. Mr. Geng jianjun, sales manager of China, mainly introduced the manufacturing process and main features of rilsan fine powder. BOTO company Shared the case of nylon 11 coating, the coated sample was well received by all present personnel, and BOTO company has coating equipment with a diameter of 2.2m and a depth of 7.6m is the largest coating equipment in China. Subsequently, Kevin, technical support of arkema in China, introduced in detail the application field of arkema rilsan nylon 11 coating, as well as the characteristics of coating corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Ms. Masako, technical support for Arkema Japan, said the nylon coating is widely used in Japan, mainly in construction, medical and health care, environmental energy, mechanical engineering, automobile and other industries. Therefore, the development of nylon coating in Chinese market still has great room for improvement. More application of rilsan nylon powder coating means higher quality pursuit. In the future, we will witness together.

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